Latest readings

These are my comments on the books I read in my Methods: Deciding what to design course.

More about requirements, by Karl Weigers

This book is a great sum of requirements engineering best practices. It takes an ecumenical look at the subject matter, trying to avoid a specific viewpoint.

Advanced Use Case Modeling

A good compendium of use case modeling techniques, although advanced users might not find many new perspectives or techniques.

The Social Life of Information:

A critique of the value that society places in huge volumes of undigested information, this book is a breath of fresh air for us working with information technology. It endeavors to tear down the myths of the home office, the value of information by itself, process vs. practice and learning.

Contextual Design

Psychology meets system’s engineering. This is an eye opener for engineers because it is focused on describing and understanding the work that people do rather than the systems they use to do it. A great tool to try out when interviewing your future users to decide what to design.

The design of everyday things

Again we have psychology to learn design from, in a very interesting and insightful book that explains why the world of common objects around us is usually designed against rather than for people. Of special interest are the feedback principle and the design for error considerations.

The Mythical Man-Month

An absolute classic, the necessary and precise justification of the complexity that we perceive when we work with software. I think “No Silver Bullet” is specially important for those of us who believe that what we do will remain a complex endeavor and a constant surprise.
Hope this will tempt you to do some reading,



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